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Preassembled Portable Wood Fired Ovens

These pizza ovens are ready built, lighter weight and portable. Perfect for courtyards, balconies, apartments, holiday homes and tight spaces.

When you buy one of our preassembled ovens there is no complicated design, building process or additional materials required. Simply use your oven on the metal stand (wheels optional) provided or mount on an permanent masonry structure or outdoor kitchen bench.

RUS-70 Pizza Oven Range 

Available in various models and sizes our ovens are made from the best castable refractory materials, they will hold and retain the heat in the walls, dome and floor and the residual heat will slow cook and bake (even when the fire is finished).

Jamie Oliver Ovens - Dome 80 & Dome 60 Leggero

We are proud distributors for Jamie Oliver Italian Made wood fired ovens. We offer customers these high-quality, light weight, ready built Italian Made ovens from the universally acclaimed Naked Chef. 

For more info visit: www.pizzaovensrus.com.au

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