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Common Questions

Is the oven D.I.Y. or Pre-Built?
All our ovens are available in DIY and some are available in Prebuilt in various sizes.

What material can I use to build my oven on?
Any solid masonry material can be used, ie: Bricks, Stone, Hebel and also engineered steel frame.

Can I cook pizzas straight on the floor?
Yes, traditionally pizzas are cooked on the floor but of course you can still use trays. Our ovens are also designed with a low ceiling to force the heat onto the floor. Ovens with a high ceiling take longer to heat, longer to cook and use more firewood.

How long does it take to cook a pizza in a wood fired oven?
Our ovens cook perfect wood fired pizza in 2-3 minutes – we operate them at around 400C.

How long does the oven take to reach cooking temperature?
The wood oven takes from 30 minutes to 90 minutes – depending on the size of the wood oven and when it was last used to prepare for cooking pizza (approx 400C). Roasting and baking bread are at much lower temperatures than pizza baking.

Is the prefabricated wood fired oven easy to assemble?
Yes it is. Due to the great design and moulded components assembly is relatively easy. If you are reasonably 'handy' and follow the supplied instructions you should be right. We are available on the phone everyday to help you solve any problems that you may run into.
If you choose, we can construct your oven. Usually it would take about a day to construct, providing a suitable platform is ready. Again it depends on your custom design of the oven and its surrounds.