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Commercial Wood Fired Ovens

Since 1959 our quality ITALIAN Made commercial wood-fired ovens have been appreciated all over the world. With over 50 years of Italian craftsmanship and manufactured to professional standards.  Our ovens are ideal for Restaurants, Pizzerias or Cafés.  High-performance commercial ovens ranging in size from 1100mm x 1100mm to 3m x 3m to satisfy the demands of any professional kitchen.

Ask the Experts for Design and Building Advice

We provide assistance with planning, location, design, on-site installation and supply and install the flue system to Aus/NZ standard.

Professional Quality Italian Made

Prefabricated highly resistant refractory commercial modular oven kits (no cranes or lifting machinery) built on site. The vault shape has been designed to produce uniform heat distribution with minimum wood consumption.

The cooking surface is a pressed, baked refractory slabs that have a high thermal resistance and are resistant to abrasions caused by cooking utensils. The oven floor can be replaced, after years of continuous work, from the inside leaving the refractory vault intact.

The insulation, made of top quality insulating materials, creates a useful thermal driving force for cooking and at the same time avoids expensive heat loss.

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